PB Swiss Tools PB E6 400 Series PrecisionBit® for Torx® screws with Long service lives and color-coded

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PB E6 400 PrecisionBits for Torx® screws (10 piece per box)

PrecisionBits for Torx® screws, external hexagon according to DIN ISO 1173 shape E 6,3 (1/4″)

  • Precise, dimensionally accurate tip, optimal fit in the screws
  • Special alloy based on spring steel, exceptional elasticity with high hardness
  • Laser marked with serial number

Made in Switzerland

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The PB E6 400 Precision Bits are specifically made for use with Torx Plus® screws and torque screwdrivers, and they have an exterior hexagonal form of DIN ISO 1173 shape E 6,3 (1/4′′). All applications involving the use of a screwdriver can use these precision bits. This reduces the effort of employing bits with varying hardness and coatings and simplifies the process of inventory management. The screws fit perfectly in them thanks to their exact construction. As a result, the screws are preserved, and the bits have an extraordinarily extended service life.

This CNC milling, turning, and machining tool is simple to operate. Due to their remarkable durability and hardness, PB Swiss Tools Precision Bits stand out. It’s for user convenience and to generate the proper tightening torque. By applying color coding according to screw type, finding the proper bit is made simpler and faster. Due to its perfection in dimensions, its tip provides the greatest fit in the screws. TORX®, TORX PLUS®, and Hexagon have a wide range of uses, including in CNC Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit Board, Tire Pressure Detector, DIY Market, Drum, Lenses, 3C Devices, Golf, and other fields.

(TORX® and TORX PLUS® both are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.)

Technical Details

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Part No. N.W.(g)
PB E6.400/1-50 1 50 24 8
PB E6.400/2-50 2 50 24 8
PB E6.400/3-50 3 50 24 8
PB E6.400/4-50 4 50 24 8
PB E6.400/5-50 5 50 24 8
PB E6.400/6-50 6 50 24 8
PB E6.400/7-50 7 50 24 8
PB E6.400/8-50 8 50 24 8
PB E6.400/9-50 9 50 24 8
PB E6.400/10-50 10 50 24 8
PB E6.400/15-50 15 50 24 9
PB E6.400/20-50 20 50 24 9
PB E6.400/25-50 25 50 24 10
PB E6.400/27-50 27 50 24 11
PB E6.400/30-50 30 50 24 11
PB E6.400/40-50 40 50 24 13

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PB Swiss Tools PB E6 400 Series PrecisionBit® for Torx® screws with Long service lives and color-coded

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