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“This manuscript is electronic evidence in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is made by a computer system and does not need any digital or physical signatures.”


If you’re using this website, tools, or service, you’re agreeing to the following “Terms of Use” as valid to the Website comprising the pertinent policies which are united in this by the way of recommendation. If you conduct on the Website, you will be susceptible to the policies that are relevant to the Website for such a deal. By using this site, you’re committing with Dr. Torque and these ‘terms & conditions’ including the policies that represent your binding commitments with Dr. Torque.


Eligibility of members

Membership service is strictly prohibited for the minor who is below the age of 18 (eighteen) or to any buyer/seller who is removed or suspended from the Dr. Torque due to any specific reason(s). If you’re eliminated in accordance with the earlier sentences, you may not be allowed to use or avail this site. Make sure you’re of legal age to form a ‘binding contracts (under the Indian Contract Act, 1872),’ incompetent to contract is not allowed to take the benefit of membership or to use this site.

Material Performance

The actual performance of the product in terms of cycle time and tool life may vary depending upon the work piece material condition, set up condition and machine condition.

We recommend customers to strictly follow User Guide and Do’s & Don’ts to ensure correct usage of the product.

Refund & Return

In case of any refund or return the customer should send a request with a video proof and it should be done within 24hours of the material shipment time. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled after the products / Services are shipped / implemented.

Product Shipping

Dr. Torque has partnered up with three delivery companies i.e. DTDC, FedEx and Shri Maruti Courier Service which provide both standard and express shipping.

For urgent cases we provide shipping of material within 24hrs and 48 hrs with extra charges as applicable. Shipping policy

Intellectual Property Rights

The site and the procedures, and their arrangement and selections, comprising but not restricted to all user interfaces,  graphics, visual interfaces, text, music and sounds (if any), computer code and artwork (together, the “Content”) on the site is maintained and owned by Dr. Torque or its licensors and the structure, design, expression,  coordination, selection, look & feel and Content arrangement is shielded by patent, copyright, and trademark laws, trade secret and several other ‘intellectual property rights.’ By the use of this site, not at all any rights are expressly or impliedly permitted to You regarding such Content. Dr. Torque keeps the right to modify or change the Content from every now and then at its single discretion.

The logos, service marks, and trademarks shown on the site are the property of Dr. Torque or respective 3rd parties. No one is allowed to use the ‘Marks’ without the prior agreement of Dr. Torque or the 3rd party that may own the ‘Marks.’

Unless anything contained or indicated to the conflicting or any proprietary substance owned by a 3rd party and so specifically stated, Dr. Torque owns all ‘intellectual property rights’ to and into the brand “Dr. Torque”, and the site, comprising, without restriction, any and all title, rights, and attention to and in related rights, copyright, utility models, patents, designs, trade secrets, know-how, and creations (patent pending), source code, text, goodwill, content, databases, icons, meta tags, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Apart from as specifically given in this, you agree and acknowledge that you will not republish, translate, copy, display, post, transmit, distribute or reproduce any Content through any mode deprived of getting the compulsory approval from Dr. Torque.

Content Use

Excluding as specifically implied to the conflicting in any valid extra Service terms, Dr. Torque hereby admits you a non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive right to download view and print product list present on site, conditional on the following circumstances:

You can use or access the product collections only for informational, personal, and internal reasons, according to these ‘Terms of Use’;
You might not alter or modify product lists present on the site;
You might not sell or distribute, lease, rent, license or else make the product catalogs obtainable on site available to others; and
You might not eliminate any copyright, text, or other registered notices covered in the product lists present on the site.
The rights permitted to you in the product lists or any other resources as stated above aren’t appropriate to the layout, design, or look and feel of the site. Such fundamentals of the site are shielded by ‘intellectual property rights’ and might not be imitated or copied in part or in whole.

Any software that is given on the site is the property of Dr. Torque or its ‘retailers.’ You might not download use, or download any software present at the site unless specifically allowed by the ‘Agreement’ or by the explicit inscribed authorization of Dr. Torque.

All the media available on the Dr. Torque website is provide by the our business partners.

Threat & take down & abuse policy

As a result, you come through any violation or abuse of these ‘Terms of Use’ or if You become cognizant of any offensive content on the site, or if you think your ‘intellectual property rights’ have been disrupted in any way via this site, please inform Dr. Torque.

Indemnity & Liability Condition

You agree to hold, defend and indemnify harmless Dr. Torque, its licensee, owner, subsidiaries, affiliates, group companies (as valid) and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any actions, demand or claim, including practical attorney’s charges made by any 3rd party or forfeit forced because of or ascending out of your break of this ‘Terms of Use,’ ‘Privacy Policy’ and other Policies, or Your desecration of any rules, law, or regulations or the rights of a 3rd party.

In no happening Dr. Torque will be accountable or liable for any incidental, special, direct or indirect or major damages of any kind of relationship with these ‘TERMS OF USE,’ even if buyer/seller has been well-versed prior to the chance of such damages.


We can’t confirm the price of any product until you buy from Dr. Torque. Maybe possible that the price of a product on our list would be misplaced. If the actual price of the product sold by Dr. Torque is more than listed price, we would try to confirm you by contacting before cancelling or placing the order. Although, with our best effort, we keep a track & mention the precise price of a product as written on the catalogue before shipping or ordering. The price mentioned for each product is 15% less the list price and 18% GST will be implemented later on for each product.


It is possible that the listed product(s) may not be available (sometimes) even after placing the order(s). In such case(s), the customer may or may be informed by our executive through SMS, phone call, mail, or any other mode. If the order is prepaid, the refund will be initiated and notified to the customer. We reserve all the rights to cancel the order(s) based on availability. Our executive(s) may suggest some similar substitute(s) to purchase. As per further discussions with buyer(s), we may cancel or proceed with the order(s).

Invoicing & Taxes

Dr. Torque is a trademark owned by Stitch Overseas Pvt. Ltd (Stitch). All billing related activities will be done through Stitch.

Dr. Torque will send you invoices for orders placed by you. The invoice will carry the breakup of the applicable GST and other Taxes and Levies, and are not revisable.

In order to obtain the due rights on Tax credits, you shall provide the right Tax Registration Details in your Account Section on the Marketplace Platform. Dr. Torque shall not be liable for any claims of loss of tax credit by You, if the aforesaid information provided by you is deemed incorrect.

Account & Password Security

You may use and access the Services and Website as a Guest User or Registered user. But remember, all parts of the services and website may not be operated by the guest users.

Guest users: The Website also permits limited accessibility for the Guest Users. Such users may be capable of browsing the site and using the services in order to buy products and place orders. Although, you might not be given some specific benefits while accessing as a Guest user. Benefits may change every now and then.

Registered users: Dr. Torque creates specific segments of the facilities(services) offered to you via the site only if you’ve given specific compulsory User data and made an account and a Dr. Torque ID via precise login ID and password.

After registering an account for the Dr. Torque in order to use or access this site and services, you will only be accountable for upholding the security and confidentiality of the Account details and are completely accountable for all actions that happen under your Account. You consent to (a) instantly inform Dr. Torque if any security breach or any illegal use of your Account details happens, and (b) confirm that you no longer log in to your account at the completion of each session. Dr. Torque will not and can’t be accountable for any damage or loss ascending from your failure to obey this segment. You might be held accountable for the damages or losses suffered by Dr. Torque or any other visitor or user to the site because of the illegal or legal use of your account by means of your failure in retaining your Account confidential and security.

You should make sure that the login details given by you in the site’s registration form are accurate, complete, and updated time to time. Use of another user’s account details in order to avail the services is specifically forbidden. If you give any detail that is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete, or not current, or Dr. Torque has logical bases to identify that such detail is inaccurate, untrue, incomplete, or not current, Dr. Torque has the freedom or right to terminate or suspend your account and deny the use of Services / Website (or any part thereof).

Relying on whether you’re a buyer or seller or another person who wants to use or access the site, you might be needed to give specific personal details and Dr. Torque can gather some specific personal details. Your delivery of, and Dr. Torque’s storage, collection, disclosure, use, and else exchanging of such personal details will be functioned by Dr. Torque’s ‘privacy policy.


Being a distributor, Dr. Torque provide no warranty over each and every product mentioned on the website.

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