Frequently Asked Questions

The torque tools provided by Dr. Torque have at least 30% higher loosening torque than fastening; which means as long as you use Dr. Torque’s screwdriver to fasten, you can loosen by the same one. No need to change it.

  1. Slim-Fit Handle : For torque value >0.6Nm and <1.2Nm
  2. Universal Handle : For torque value >1.2Nm and <3Nm
  3. T-flying Handle : For higher torque value >3Nm
There is no need to calibrate the torque adapter. The tool life cycle is approximately 5,000 times (90 degre rotation as 1 time) of operations. Once reaching the limit, please replace the torque adapter.
No, there is no minimum order value.

Yes, you can also send us enquiry via phone or e-mail. Ph: +91-9986426333, e-mail:

At home page go to bulk order query, then fill the required form with details. Our concerned person will contact you shortly.

No. The torque is preset and is not adjustable. The torque of each size is set to the industrial standard used by all the carbide manufacturers.
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