DR. TORQUE, one of the best and leading providers of cutting-edge and innovative types of equipment in the engineering industry, proudly presents the perfect solutions for torque control. Our ergonomic, durable and dependable torque control systems for fastening are widely used in electronics, electrical and manufacturing sectors.

Our continual quest for innovation keeps us at the forefront of modern technology. Even in the most challenging situations, we continue to develop and improve premium products and torque solutions that simply offer a sense of trust. We have distinguished ourselves among our competitors because of our long history of excellent performance, emphasis on innovation, and commitment to our customers.

A proper instrument must be utilised to finish any task as efficiently as possible. The tool should be durable, safe and high in performance. DR. TORQUE ensures cost-effective performance and safety with its product line-up of top torque control systems. For us, cost-effective performance and safety are not just a goal but a serious commitment to our clients.

Over 27+ years of extensive shop-floor expertise have made engineering brilliance synonymous with the name, DR. TORQUE. With the offering of an exquisite product range and exemplary services, DR. TORQUE simply believes in providing high-quality tools and solutions with the motto – ‘Improved Quality of Life’.

DR. TORQUE addresses the fundamental cultural norm of respecting torque in every application and focuses more on preventative upkeep while also assuring the duration of health. We always introduce the best tools in the market after testing all the parameters such as torque power, unmatched design, and versatility. Without holding back, we put the tools through their paces, rigorously testing them and pushing them to their limits so that human errors can be reduced while tightening and loosening.

We provide a wide range of high-performance torque tools such as torque bits, torque adapters, torque handles, torque multipliers, torque wrenches, electric screwdrivers, ESD tools, torque measurement & calibration systems and also customised solutions.

Due to our wide range of products and ongoing customer support, we guarantee a very high level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to offer the best electric screwdrivers, trustworthy delivery and torque kits and sets to almost all industrial organisations in India.

We bring artificial intelligence to your fingertips for torque control!

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