With a rich shop floor experience of 25+ years, we take pride to guarantee the right solutions of Torque Tools which are renowned for their unique innovative designs and with the satisfaction of administering the right torque with the right tool, under the banner of “Dr. Torque”.

Welcome to “Dr. Torque”, a remedy for the RIGHT Torque accredited by top laboratories in the world for the RIGHT Torque Applications.  

For every task in the world, to achieve optimum performance, there is a designated TOOL. Using the RIGHT TOOL intended for the RIGHT APPLICATION ensures safety, quality, performance, and manufacturing cost advantage.

The right amount of torque applied ensures safety, quality, prevents damage, and eliminates any kind of rework. We serve a portfolio of high performing torque tools under the specialist applications of Torque Multipliers, Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Measurement, and Torque Calibration.

With the goal to ensure procedures faster, safer, and more efficient by making systems process dependent, by eliminating the dependency on human emotions, “Dr. Torque” addresses the very basic culture to respect torque in each application and is rather preventive maintenance, while ensuring the longevity of health as well. Without a torque tool, fastening depends on the skill or even mood of the user. “Dr. Torque” serves to eliminate human errors while fastening and loosening.

We at “Dr. Torque” value all customers as preferred customers and aims to be serving virtually every single manufacturing company in India with trust in our deliverance.

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