Check out the video below and experience how Dr. Torque Tool works.

  • DigiTorque V02 screwdriver handle with digital display and inbuilt Torque adapter
  • Interchangeable blades with precise, true-to-size tips, optimal fit in the screw heads
  • Lever handle with soft surface, pleasant grip and optimum force transmission
  • Electronics with NFC interface, easy adjustment for recalibration with NFC or via key function
  • Turnable head with analog scale, easily adjustable without auxiliary tools
  • Exchangeable battery cell, type CR1/3N 3 Volt lithium.


Our new generation of torque screwdrivers

  • With the new PB Swiss Tools DigiTorque V02 screwdrivers, you can screw delicate materials, such as aluminum, carbon and plexiglass, gently and without damage.
  • By using the rotary cap on the end of the handle, the highly precise release mechanism can be set very accurately and easily – and without any auxiliary tools. The setting value is permanently on the electronic digital display and can easily be read off. Choose the right handle size for each force range.
  • We offer different multiple types of handle for Torque screwdrier and torque wrench.
  • The soft zone is comfortable to hold and play very flexible. Easy to tighten and loosen screws even in higher torque range.
  • The outstanding design of the PBSWISS handle that fits perfectly into the hand and prevents the hand injuries such as blisters and calluses.
  • Having large support surfaces for thumb and index finger ease of using and efficiency.
  • Remaining the advantages of flag design, driving the screw easily.
  • User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.
  • Dr. Torque, the smallest torque screwdriver in the world, is a predictable, replaceable, and organized tool. It is considering to be used in the industrial field having the greatest advantage of “no-over tighten”. The most important benefit is it prevents damages to the screw and tool.
  • In the cutting tool era, some of the inserts are very small and expensive. For best clamping accuracy and positioning it is recommended to use a torque screwdriver to protect the small insert and screw. In addition, it also can keep the insert with longer tool life and saving costs too.
  • Dr. Torque’s torque screwdriver is made of three parts, bit, adapter, and handle. Bits are color recognized, a different color is defined with different driver sizes. Bits are available with TORX®, TORX PLUS®, and HEXAGON shapes, lengths 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm.


  • Torque range from 0.1~18 Nm
  • Torque control and safety for electrostatically endangered components and products
  • No-over tighten, when the demand torque is reached, there is a click sound.
  • Reversible system for tightening and loosening.
  • The limit of loosening torque is larger than the tightening torque to protect both tool and the screw from the breaking or damage.

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