PB Swiss Tools PB 8316.A ESD Torque Screwdriver Handles for work in ESD-protected areas

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MecaTorque ESD screwdriver handle with analog scale and inbuilt Torque adapter


  • for screwdriving work with repeatable tightening torque (certified +/- 6% )
  • for interchangeable blades PB 53, torque range 10–50 cNm
  • electrostatically dissipative, protective for sensitive electronic components, for ESD-safe workplaces
  • automatic release, supported by an audible and perceptible click
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  • Safe discharge of electrostatic charges
  • The PB Swiss Tools MecaTorque ESD handles ensure safe discharge of electrostatic charges and for work in ESD-protected areas
  • The small handle for working with PB 53 precision blades consists of a single component
  • The larger handle with two components is available in two versions: for C6 and E6 Precision Bits or PB 215 interchangeable blades
  • Adjustments are a breeze and possible without additional tools
  • The analog scale displays metric units
  • The handles are offered for the ranges of 10.0 to 50.0 cNm and 1.0 to 5.0 Nm
  • We offer different multiple types of handle for Torque screwdriver and torque wrench
  • The soft zone is comfortable to hold and play very flexible
  • Easy to tighten and loosen screws even in higher torque range
  • The outstanding design of the PB Swiss handle that fits perfectly into the hand and prevents the hand injuries such as blisters and calluses
  • Having large support surfaces for thumb and index finger ease of using and efficiency
  • Remaining the advantages of flag design, driving the screw easily
  • The ESD torque tool is made from conductive material for maintenance and installation tasks in ESD protected areas with a full assortment of special ESD-tools
  • For use at electrostatically endangered components and products with torque control, which make the work to be done precisely and efficiently

A total solution for applications below:

  • Communication Devices, Consumer Electronics, Drones, UAV, Printed
  • Circuit Boards, cell Phones, Laptops, Camera, Watches and all kinds of 3C devices
  • Transform normal screwdriver to ESD torque screwdriver
  • Torque control and safety for “ High-Value ” products
  • It has a reversible system to use the same screwdriver for tightening and loosening the screw
  • The limit of loosening torque is larger than the tightening torque to protect both tool and the screw from the breaking or damage


  • MecaTorque ESD handle x 1

Made in Switzerland

Technical Details

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Parts No. Color Content N.W.(g)
PB 8316.A 10-50 ESD cNm: min. 10, max. 50 56

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PB Swiss Tools PB 8316.A ESD Torque Screwdriver Handles for work in ESD-protected areas

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