DTAC – Series Full Automatic Clutch Carbon Brush Electric Screwdriver

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  • Super Low Inertia Effect Design: First of its kind feature, the clutch releases automatically, without any ‘backlash’, when the preset torque is achieved. This eliminates over tightening by operator and reduces work fatigue.
  • Usage of the mechanical clutch instead of the conventional electronic brake circuit will help get rid of the sparks, eliminate easy failure of the electronic brake circuit and reduce heat
  • Unique feature of dual switch mode (push-to start or push-lever start), allowing the operator to customize the tool to the required application to improve work efficiency
  • Interchangeable 5.0Ø () HB and Hex Bits within the same electric screwdriver, allowing the operator with wide range of operations.
  • Exclusive use of isolation base design to prevent carbon dust from entering the gearbox that will increase the life of the gear unit.
  • An anti-impact sleeve is installed around the clutch to prevent the grinding on the clutch cam and affecting the precision of the torque
  • User friendly design of quick and easy bit change process: To change the bit, pull the collect ring, insert the desired bit, and release the collect ring. The bit will automatically lock into its desired position.
  • Unlike other electric screwdrivers, the quick and easy bit change process does not allow the screwdriver to self-start, preventing any accident.



Electric Screwdriver x 1

Made in Taiwan

Technical Details

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MODEL DTAC-1110 DTAC-2210 DTAC-1120 DTAC-2220 DTAC-1130 DTAC-2230 DTAC-1120HS DTAC-2220HS DTAC-1155 DTAC-2255
FREE SPEED (rpm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1800 1800 400 400
OUTPUT TORQUE RANGE N.m 0.2~1.0 0.2~1.0 0.3~2.0 0.3~2.0 0.4~3.0 0.4~3.0 0.4~2.0 0.4~2.0 1.0~5.5 1.0~5.5
Ibf.in 1.7~8.7 1.7~8.7 2.6~17.4 2.6~17.4 3.5~26.0 3.5~26.0 3.5~17.4 3.5~17.4 8.7~47.7 8.7~47.7
kgf.cm 2.0~10.0 20~10.0 3.0~20.0 3.0~20.0 4.0~30.0 4.0~30.0 4.0~20.0 4.0~20.0 10.0~55.0 10.0~55.0
VOLTAGE 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V

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DTAC - Series Full Automatic Clutch Carbon Brush Electric Screwdriver

DTAC - Series Full Automatic Clutch Carbon Brush Electric Screwdriver

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