A Series General Use Torque Adapter

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We offer a wide range of torque adapters from 0.1Nm to 18Nm to cover every industrial need which precise torque is delivered correctly to each screw. SLOKY torque adapter optimizes assembly of torque applications, such as cutting tools, clamping system, fastener, micro-technology, 3C devices, medical, musical instrument, construction, sports, and many so on.

With the greatest advantage of “No over or under tighten“ , it prevents the damages of the screw and tool. When the demand torque is reached, there is a “click“ sound. For continued tightening on the screw, it is no longer to increase torque on the screw.

In addition, custom design is available, it provides a replaceable function to fit with different connecting and driving shapes and dimensions.

Adapter of Sloky torque screwdriver for bits of Hex, Torx and Torx Plus with different Nm required.

User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

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“No- over tighten” mechanism adapter is created from the non-return ratchet torque socket. It comprised a shaft rod and a shaft cylinder. A core shaft of shaft rod is sleeved with a mobile ratchet capable of axially moving, the shaft cylinder has a shaft slot formed for being sleeved with the core shaft. When the core shaft rotates in the shaft slot and the applied torque exceeds the preset torque value, the core shaft idly rotates in the shaft slot. It means when the demand torque is reached, continued tightening is no longer to increase the torque on the screw.

Adapter Close Up of Sloky torque screwdriver Universal handle with bits of Hex, Torx and Torx Plus for different spec of torque adapters.


  • The torque adapter is functional by the radial direction friction.
  • It is different from the marketed product nowadays.
  • When an object slips or is going slip with another object, on the two contact faces will create a relative action. This relative action is called the static friction, it creates the abrasion after use a certain time.
  • The preset torque of adapter may get low due to this abrasion.
  • User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Hardness: HRC 43° ~ 48°
  • Surface Treatment: Electroless Nickel
  • Unit conversion: 1 Nm = 10.20kgf-cm
  • Three (3) pcs of torque adapters of the same size are packaged in a plastic case. The available sizes are TX6/6IP, TX7/7IP, TX8/8IP, TX9/9IP, TX10/10IP, TX15/15IP, TX20/20IP, and TX25/25IP, The torque adapters are good for both Torx and Torx Plus systems.
  • The corresponding torques are 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.4, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, and 5.5 Nm, which equal to 5.3, 8.0, 10.6, 12.4, 17.7, 26.6, 44.3, and 48.7 In-lb. These settings are the same across all the carbide manufacturers worldwide.
  • The torque adapter has an universal 1/4″ hex shank in one end to connect to the handle and a 1/4″ hex slot in the other end to connect to the bit. It is 1 1/2″ in length and 1/2″ in diameter with life cycle is 20,000 operations and the accuracy tolerance is +-10%.
  • All the torque adapters are magnetized and color coded.


  • Case x 1
  • Adapter x 3

* This product is only suitable for manual operation. Do not apply with other electric tools or power tools.

Made in Taiwan

Technical Details

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Parts No. Suit For Nm Kgfcm ln-lb Qty N.W.
0-TPK-A06-0.6 TX6 / 6IP 0.6 6.1 5.3 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A07-0.9 TX7 / 7IP 0.9 9.2 8.0 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A08-1.2 TX8 / 8IP 1.2 12.0 10.6 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A08-2.0 TX8 / 8IP 2.0 20.4 17.7 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A09-1.4 TX9 / 9IP 1.4 14.0 12.4 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A09-2.0 TX9 / 9IP 2.0 20.4 17.7 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A10-2.0 TX10 / 10IP 2.0 20.4 17.7 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A15-3.0 TX15 / 15IP 3.0 30.6 26.6 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A20-5.0 TX20 / 20IP 5.0 50.1 44.3 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A20-5.5 TX20 / 20IP 5.5 56.1 48.7 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A25-5.5 TX25 / 25IP 5.5 56.1 48.7 3 pcs 80g
*0-TPK-A00-1.0   1.0 10.2 8.8 3 pcs 80g
*0-TPK-A00-1.5   1.5 15.3 13.3 3 pcs 80g
*0-TPK-A00-2.2   2.2 22.4 19.5 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A00-2.5   2.5 25.5 22.1 3 pcs 80g
*0-TPK-A00-3.5   3.5 35.7 31.0 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A00-3.8   3.8 38.7 33.6 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A00-4.0   4.0 40.8 35.4 3 pcs 80g
0-TPK-A00-4.5   4.5 45.9 39.8 3 pcs 80g
With * Mark is non-stock item. MOQ : 10 boxes.

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A Series General Use Torque Adapter

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