25mm bits for TORX Screws

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25mm bits for TORX Screws (6 bits per bag)

TORX® 25mm Torx Bits for Sloky torque screwdriver (torque wrench) and for different torque adapter with corresponded color.

User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.

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With Sloky torque screwdrivers and colorful torque adapters, the 25mm bits perform well (torque wrench). These are extremely robust and long-lasting. The bits may be accepted by any magnetic adaptor and will then be held in place automatically. It is done to provide the optimum tightening torque and boost user comfort. It is straightforward to use and works well with CNC turning, milling, and machining tools. It is entirely constructed of special alloy steel that has been tough and tempered to an HRC of between 58 and 60.

When the tool is utilized, a larger surface area is in contact with the screw. Both bits and adapters display color identification. The TORX profile is often used in contemporary, high-performance industrial items. Due to the fact that 25mm IP bits are completely colored as part of a color management approach that lowers torque application errors, the only method to distinguish a 25mm IP bit from a TX bit is by the color of its stripes. The ergonomic grips roomy thumb and index finger rest zones make it simple to transfer large torques. These substances offer protection from rust and corrosion.


Dimensional Drawings of 25mm Torx Bits for Sloky torque screwdriver (torque wrench).


  • TORX® profile is widely using in latest industrial and high performance quality products.
  • Hardness: HRC 58° ~ 60°
  • Material: High alloy steel
  • Standard : DIN3126 – C6.3 (1/4”)
  • User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.


  • Simple operation. No Mistake! The color identification is visible on both adapters and bits.
  • Exchange bits system with color coding
  • All adapters with magnetic, the bits can be inserted and automatically locked into the adapters.
  • It is to enhance the convenience of using and delivery proper tightening torque.


  • 25mm Bits x 6


Large support areas for thumb and index finger on the ergonomically shaped handles.

The transmission of high torques is thus quite simple.

Cylindrical handle shaft for quick turning of screws.

TORX® and TORX PLUS® are registered trademarks of Acument global technologies LLC.

Made In Taiwan

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Parts No. Driver Size L (mm) Qty N.W.
0-TPK-B01-TX06-25 TX6 25 6 pcs 31 g
0-TPK-B01-TX07-25 TX7 25 6 pcs 31 g
0-TPK-B01-TX08-25 TX8 25 6 pcs 31 g
0-TPK-B01-TX09-25 TX9 25 6 pcs 31 g
0-TPK-B01-TX10-25 TX10 25 6 pcs 31 g
0-TPK-B01-TX15-25 TX15 25 6 pcs 33 g
0-TPK-B01-TX20-25 TX20 25 6 pcs 33 g

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